About Us

Our core expertise is building apps. But focusing on the technology alone is not enough. We exist at the intersection of design, software development and business consultancy.

How We Work


We’re firm believers in the power of collaboration. We'll partner with you to identify and design solutions that are genuinely transformational.

Our core competency is building software but we recognise that technology alone is not enough: true transformation often involves organisational, cultural and/or process change. We will work through these changes with you until we've deployed a holistic solution.


Before embarking on a project, we'll work to understand not only your strategic objectives but the mindset and emotions of end users.

By getting a feel for who they are, what makes them tick and the challenges they're facing, we're able to build the right tools in the right way.

We do what's right for users, even when it's harder for us.


We've been designing and developing award-winning mobile apps for over 15 years, which makes us seasoned veterans.

In saying that, we’re constantly growing our knowledge, skills and capabilities. That’s because we’re passionate about solving each problem in the smartest, most innovative way.


For us, success means technology melting into the background, leaving people free to get on with the things they want (and need) to do with maximum ease, efficiency and enjoyment.

We love helping our customers excel, whether that comes from enhanced productivity, improved communication, or exceptional customer and user engagement.

Leadership Team

This group lead our team of multi-talented problem-solvers.

Reuben Bijl

Reuben Bijl

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Toby Vincent

Toby Vincent

Co-Founder and Director

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Programme Lead

Stuart Braxton

Stuart Braxton


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