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  • My Marine Trader 38' was USA registered and named Nylander when I bought her.

    I'm happy to report they she is now UK registered and named Hermione (officially) and with that the old US flag was today withdrawn from service...

    ... and my nice (oh, so many coats of varnish) restored flag pole is now flying scarlet upon stern :)

    The Red Ensign (or scarlet) is the flag flown to designate a British ship (in this case, the red background denoted that it is a civilian vessel).

    A big day for little Britain ;)

  • Hermione (My Marine Trader 38') has very worn teak decks which kinda spring as you walk over them - although fun and somewhat comfortable, they are not practical and give me this constant feeling that I may be downstairs rather faster than one would expect;)

    I've started the project to replace them. Each night I come home and remove more screws (adding to the hundred or more that I have already removed) and pull up a plank or two - It'll take several more weeks to remove it fully.

    Under it is a glassfibre sandwich with plywood in the middle. I will cut out the top deck and pull out the plywood. This will not be a problem seeing as the plywood is sodden and makes cheese look like a more viable flooring product.

    Next I'll epoxy in new marine ply, epoxy the glassfibre back and finally coat it with a few layers of gelcoat...

    ... The poor thing looks like she is having a major face lift at the moment, but she'll look all wonderful again soon!