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  • Yes, I'm back online ... after almost a year of island "not so connected" lifestyle I have got a 3G Modem for my netbook!

    Anyway, I won't give you a history of my last year except to say that I am very happy with my new aboard lifestyle in Bequia. When it gets too hot I jump off the back of the boat into the turquoise waters of the Grenadines.

    I want to try to give you a little taste of what I experience. I have a long way to go when it comes to underwater photography, but here's a start...

    This was from snorkelling. The waters are packed with fish life which if course you can't see here. Told you that I have some way to go with this ;)

    There is loads of life amongst the coral. These things open and close like venus fly traps. Luckily they were small and I survived - They're about a centimetre long ;)

    Let me introduce you to some of my new friends. I've not named them all yet.

    They are quite comfortable with me swimming with them which is cool because you can get real close...

    Like this :)

    More soon.