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  • Time for a little report (and video:). I've been in Bequia for nearly 3 weeks now. My first week was spent settling down. My first big shock was that the cost of living in terms of food and rent is almost the same as in Sweden. The wages for local people however are not. The Government here have imposed a 15% tax because they want to build a bigger airport on St Vincent. Honestly, I have no idea how the local people can afford to live here... something I hope to work out over the next few weeks.

    I spent my second week on Camille; one of our Catamarans sailing down through the Grenadines to Tobago Cays which is just stunning. It's a Marine park made up of a few small islands surrounded by a ring shaped reef. Together they have become the home to all kinds of marine life including turtles; one of which we swam with:)

    Whilst we were down there a low pressure which had passed over us a week earlier reached the Gulf of Mexico, became a hurricane and turned to head North East (a very rare thing). Even though it was over 100 miles North of us the surge sent two metre high waves crashing into our dock and smashing it to bits.

    I have to say I really love it here. I'm swimming almost everyday and experiencing real beach life. Everyone is so friendly and relaxed .... more soon.