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  • Big news. I have been offered a job working for a holiday yachting company in the Caribbean. Those that know me well know that I spend a lot of time talking about boats and the sun so this was an offer that I simply could not refuse!!

    I love Pärlan, but sadly she is not ready to sail the Atlantic so I have to let her go. She is now for sale in blocket together with a large collections of boat bits which sits in the corner of my studio...

    ... If you are interested in her then please take a look through my archived blogs and you will see a full history (in video) of everything I've done to her.

    I'm selling everything I have in Sweden so that I travel light. Here is a list of stuff for sale if you are interested.

    I leave at the end of September and I will continue to blog here. I doubt if it will be too long before you see me taking sailing lessons out there and maybe finding another boat from which I can take you all on video tours of the Caribbean!