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  • I've just spent three days on Pärlan with the sole aim of getting her as dry as possible.

    There are two aspects to this; stopping rain water getting in and getting airflow through the hull to dry her out.

    I started with taping over the cracks you can see in her wheelhouse. This is very ugly, but it will hold out the water until the Summer when I can re-fiberglass and paint it.

    The bow (front) of the boat has a sleeping area which has been lined with polystyrene foam and pine stripping. All that has to come out to let the air circulate around the hull.

    After several hours I got the floor up and was able to take a look in the bilge (the middle bottom of the boat).

    After removing about 9 buckets of water we can now see the bottom of the boat!

    Getting to the engine was difficult (it is green and to the left of the white wall) so I needed to remove all the old woodwork around the engine to give me plenty of room to service it.

    Here everything is stripped out and the engine is more visible. I sat down after this and realized that Pärlan is actually a very spacious boat!

    She has a fantastic curve which I hope will show up even better with some new flooring in her.

    The engine is now visible and easy to work on. Before I do that though I have to clean out a huge amount of old wood. I have a bicycle trailer and hopefully if the weather is good next weekend I'll take the good stuff back home to dry out and find a Valborg (May day) fire for the rest of it.

    More soon.