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  • Congratulations Mathilda!!!!

    And for the rest of you... Mathilda started her new job at Ralph Lauren today:)

  • I hired a bike this weekend and this is what happened:

    Hope you like the video :)

  • This is the view of Port Elizabeth as you come down the hill into the town. I see this everyday as I walk to work (hard life;)

    Looking North towards Princess Margaret beach. This was taken in the mid Sunday Sun... It's low season here for another month, but soon I'll be taking pictures with people in them:)

    The surge from hurricane Omar left most of the moorings in shatters. This is a fine example.

    Looking out over the bay at Port Elizabeth.

    I'm totally enjoying myself. Not worn anything other than a shirt, body shorts and flip-flops since I got here... yeeerrr - the weathers amazing:) Will write more soon!!

  • Time for a little report (and video:). I've been in Bequia for nearly 3 weeks now. My first week was spent settling down. My first big shock was that the cost of living in terms of food and rent is almost the same as in Sweden. The wages for local people however are not. The Government here have imposed a 15% tax because they want to build a bigger airport on St Vincent. Honestly, I have no idea how the local people can afford to live here... something I hope to work out over the next few weeks.

    I spent my second week on Camille; one of our Catamarans sailing down through the Grenadines to Tobago Cays which is just stunning. It's a Marine park made up of a few small islands surrounded by a ring shaped reef. Together they have become the home to all kinds of marine life including turtles; one of which we swam with:)

    Whilst we were down there a low pressure which had passed over us a week earlier reached the Gulf of Mexico, became a hurricane and turned to head North East (a very rare thing). Even though it was over 100 miles North of us the surge sent two metre high waves crashing into our dock and smashing it to bits.

    I have to say I really love it here. I'm swimming almost everyday and experiencing real beach life. Everyone is so friendly and relaxed .... more soon.

  • This week I moved from Stockholm, Sweden to Bequia, a small island in the Grenadines.

    Here is a little video of my trip...

    Next week I go out on a boat. When I get back I'll post another video.

  • I will loose my mobile for 3 days from Friday 26th September whilst it gets moved to a prepay account. I'm doing this so that I can leave a voicemail with a forwarding number to my new Caribbean home.

    You can still call on the office number 086461740 and I'll post here when I get the number back.

  • Big news. I have been offered a job working for a holiday yachting company in the Caribbean. Those that know me well know that I spend a lot of time talking about boats and the sun so this was an offer that I simply could not refuse!!

    I love Pärlan, but sadly she is not ready to sail the Atlantic so I have to let her go. She is now for sale in blocket together with a large collections of boat bits which sits in the corner of my studio...

    ... If you are interested in her then please take a look through my archived blogs and you will see a full history (in video) of everything I've done to her.

    I'm selling everything I have in Sweden so that I travel light. Here is a list of stuff for sale if you are interested.

    I leave at the end of September and I will continue to blog here. I doubt if it will be too long before you see me taking sailing lessons out there and maybe finding another boat from which I can take you all on video tours of the Caribbean!

  • October the 4th 2008 is a big day for my diary! It is the kickoff of the Volvo round the world ocean race. I was very very lucky to have a friend who invited me to see the launch of Ericssons 2008 bid (thanks Kerrin!) and the uncovering of "Ericsson 4"; their newest boat. Oh my God! What an amazing creation. It is designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian and built by Killian Bushe whom built the last (2005/2006) winner; ABN AMRO ONE. Here are some of the pictures:

    I'm going to be watching this race closely. On the 14th June 2008 they get to Gothenberg and the 25th Stockholm so I will definately be here to blog about it then.

    In theory you should be able to find out more about the boat and team at http://www.ericssonracingteam.... except the site is down. If you want to get some insight as too how they are built then there is a fantastic picture gallery at Killians' web site ... Killian started with wooden boats so there is hope for me yet - I wonder if he has any apprentiship places available;)

    The race is at

  • I spent yesterday fitting the engine surround box. Here's how far I've got...

    If it is sunny next time I'm on her I'll sand the box and finish it, else I'll start the wiring and electrics.

  • Renovating and painting the wheelhouse on Pärlan; a 1958 wooden sardine trawler.

    Part 1... Preparing the wheelhouse for paint.

    Part 2... Painting the wheelhouse.


    ... and after...