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  • Yes folks, I'm selling Hermione and moving onto Akemi!

    Additional Specs, Equipment and Information:

    Builder: Marine Trader

    Dimensions: LOA: 38 ft 0 in / Beam: 12 ft 10 in / Maximum Draft: 4 ft 0 in

    Engine: Engine Brand: Lehman / Engine Model: Email for model / Cruising Speed: 8 mph / Maximum Speed: 11 mph / Engine Hours: Less than 500 / Total Power: 120

    Dimensions: Displacement: 22,000

    Tanks: Fuel: 300 / Fresh Water: 250 / Holding: yes

    Solar: email for details

    Genset: email for details

    The Lehman engine only has 200 hours on her since a major overhaul. 2 GPH when pushing the boat along at 7-8 knots.

    Why the price?

    The woodwork needs attention. Wood under the windows needs replacement. The windows themselves are glass and would benefit from being replaced with tinted perspex.

    There is a cut away section in the roof where the engine was dropped in. This needs glassing over.

    The windlass does not work and I have attempted a fix. If I was to keep her I would simply replace it as it (although technically working) will dump oil all over the deck.

    The stern log is leaking and will need replacing within the next 5 years (with a glass fibre tube). This is an easy enough job when hauling. It's probably not a bad idea to consider this when hauling for bottom painting.

    The REALLY good news is that all decks are replaced. Marine Traders are known for having rotten decks. This is because they screwed teak decking down into a plywood sandwich flooring and the ply (of course) got wet and rotted. This was all cut away by myself and new marine ply glassed in using WEST systems glass (receipts and pictures available upon request).

    In summary, she is a great boat, but needs woodwork attention and a bottom paint.


    There are three entrance ways to Hermione; either the door (seen) next to the helm, or on the opposite side, or from a stern entrance into the master bedroom.

    Included is sonar and VHF. Recommend that you optain battery monitoring and GPS.

    Next to the helm is the switches and the stairs down to the forepeak cabin.

    The forepeak has a twin v-bed configuration. Just to the left you see the entrance for the forepeak head.

    The forepeak head is all working, but no shower fittings are in place. The head itself is old and eminates a bad smell. I would replace it immediately. This head sits on top of a blackwater tank. If I was to haul the vessel I would install Y-values and seacocks so that you can disharge directly to sea as supposed to pumping into the blackwater tank, then to sea.

    Just behind the helm is the galley. It has a double sink, stove and plenty of storage space. The fridge does work, but does not remain adiquate temperature under solar panels. I was going to rip it out and build a cold box in the same place. There are 2 110v outlets in the galley for microwaves etc.

    At the rear of the main room is the entrance to the stern master bedroom. The pieces of white wood stored are for the ceiling (see below).

    The master bedroom has a large island bed with good quality matress. This sits atop the main water tank (125 Gallons) and a spare fuel tank (125 Gallons).

    In front of the bed is the entrance to the master bedroom head.

    As you can see, this is one of the projects that needs completing. There was originally a small bath fitted. I ripped that out in favour of installing a water maker (not working and possibly pickled). I was then going to move the head to be in front of the water maker which would give me a much larger shower space).

    The roof of the main room has a cut out section. This needs re-glassing and to have the internal woodwork re-fitted (all on board).