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  • Pristina is in many ways ugly. The cities architectural design is a mix of communist concrete and post war brick. That is not meant as derogatory to Pristina in any way, but it's important to see this as part of Pristina's development. Pristina is not a city of architectural interest or historical value. It's ugly.

    Four years ago someone dumped a load of concrete in a valley and said to 600,000 people live in that. The new Pristina was born with youth and concrete in one place. Any social engineer will tell you that the combination of youth, energy and concrete heated up with a little political tension will result in the next rebellious sub culture. London had punk in the late 70's as a result of youth being disenchanted with the system. Berlin still remains active after the wall fell. Will Pristina be responsible for a Balkanist uprising of youth culture as a result of war and political disenchantment? If young people here learn to believe in themselves and learn to express themselves through music and art then maybe in a decade we will see someone in Södermalm wearing a double headed eagle as a symbol of rebellion against IKEA parents.

    By Gdk.

    By Urban Guerillas

    By Urban Guerillas

    By Urban Guerillas

    By Urban Guerillas, work of Embrione.

    By Urban Guerillas, work of Bimi.

    Either commercial or something to do with Counter Strike.

    By Urban Guerillas, Bimi and Embrione.

    By Criminal Teacher (I think-??)

    In memory of, urban roots (rap group), bimi.

    Graffiti PB (which stands for Prime Bandits), made by GDK and Emir.

    By Bimi.

    By Urban Guerillas.

    The double headed Eagle. The flag of Kosovo (just in case you were wondering:)