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  • As I sat on my Austrian airways flight 777 to Vienna I could not help but think that the airlines have missed one of the ultimate branding opportunities - soup. I found myself already constructing a business plan for healthy airways commuter soup. For virgin airways I could serve a tomato (red and white) soup in a white cup with a white tofu cream virgin swoosh across the top. What could be more Swedish for SAS than blueberry soup (blue and white). Who knows a nice mushroom soup might even be the thing that finally convinced me to get on a united airways flight (grey and white). For British airways of course, I reserve vegetable soup which looks like puke and clearly reflects their current branding campaign.

    The connection flight to Kosovo proved the first major surprise to my little adventure. In the departure lounge there was of course the solders, the UN workers, me and well what do you know, the complete NFL Cincinnati tigers cheerleader group. Blinks, looks again, yes it is, complete NFL Cincinnati tigers cheerleader group. They are in Kosovo to for the American soldiers. I was not impressed of course as America is in my sin bin as a war mongering country who's president has the brains of a dyslexic gibbon.

    I went to Christians apartment. The water was not working, so we went out. The electricity and water have a curtain random feel in Pristina. We sat in a coffee shop and talked for a while. I've already learnt a lot. The English soldiers have pulled out and handed the administration over to the Swedes. There are now army Landrovers driving around with KFOR signs on them and a Swedish flag flying. So let's analyze this a bit. KFOR, Kosovo Force, the NATO force that looks after Kosovo, so, Sweden, a country not in NATO (at home at least) are actively in NATO when in Kosovo. Well well, so much for peace and neutrality. This is the first time i've ever been disappointed in Sweden. I wonder what people in Stockholm will think when they see their troops driving around in NATO colours.

    My second learning experience is that whilst the British troops walked around casually (there is no fighting here anymore), the American troops still choose to walk around in Kevlar body armour and carrying large guns. I guess the American >PR war machine cannot afford for one of their boys to get shot. Pathetic, what kind of sign do they portray to a community trying to build itself when they bring in cheerleaders and drive them to there (wait for it) 9 square km base, complete with McDonalds and Burger King so that they can enjoy themselves while the rest of Pristina suffers random water supplies.

    We watched the film "Three Kings this Evening" - very apt.

    It's very important for the American soldiers to carry guns even when they are keeping the peace, on in this case waiting for a group of cheerleaders.

    ...who arrive to the stares of the locals. By the way, take a close look at the plane in the arrivals logo;)

    Thankfully they are escorted to an awaiting bus by about 12 Soldiers, one of whom is in picture. Good old American taxpayers money.

    Didn't believe me? A Swedish KFOR vehicle.