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  • A few days here has the same effect as dressing up as a rabbit, dropping an LSD tab and going to Gröna Lund (Stockholm's amusement park). It's a very strange feeling standing in a pitch black corridor trying to find your keys and hearing the sound of flowing water from inside your apartment. I got in, lit a few candles and discovered that all the taps were on. Christian has said that in months of living there he has never seen the cleaner. He assumes he has one as the apartment is tidy every Tuesday. I guess she/he left the taps on when the water went off.

    I walked to work this morning and saw 3 people wearing white coats in the space of five minutes. I bought some bread and the assistant asked for 65 Euros, which I gave her, she then told me that I'd paid too much and gave me 20 Euros back. I said "oh, sorry, you mean 45" to which she replied "no 65".

    I walked down the hill to witness chaos at the crossroads because the traffic lights were out (no electricity this morning). Two policemen were there. In London they would be in the middle of the road directing the traffic, in Pristina they stand on the corner, smoking and chatting and not even watching the traffic. After all that I got to the school to see three men pulling weeds out from the pavement. In order to do this they had moved the litter to a different part of the pavement.

    I found out that the KFOR base is 66 sq km's of land to the east of Kosovo. They do not let anyone in or out, there are no services linked to the base and to my knowledge no one knows anything about it outside of Kosovo. This apparently is the deterrent. Once war comes to a close in a country, if there is no major dominant power another country can invade the two waring countries. This base makes any bordering country think twice before invading. Makes sense, but I wonder what goes on in there that is so secret?

    I went for lunch yesterday with four of the students. They spoke about Macedonia and Kosovo and how Macedonia closed it's borders to refugees in the war whilst it negotiated help (money) from Europe. I remember seeing this on the BBC. The bit I forgot is that they were left in no mans land in the freezing cold where many perished. Many young people here helped the aid organisations, KFOR and journalists in the war as translators. I was thinking about this. They are approx 19 to 25 and the war ended 4 years ago. It's weird to listen to these stories from someone who would have been about 17 or 18 in the war and then compare that to how naive I was at that age. Deep. On a lighter note Indian rave music is becoming big in Pristina.