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  • Today I would like to blog about birds and in particular one type of Kosovo bird namely the Jackdaw. For those of you who did not attend bird identification classes at school, the Jackdaw is a Eurasian bird related to and resembling the crow. It has black plumage with a gray nape and underparts. It has two other traits, firstly it is loud. It flies around shouting it's head off all the time. This perhaps is not that much of a big deal until you equate in the second trait. They hang around in gangs. This is a real problem in Kosovo because these Jackdaw gangs can have a few hundred members, all hanging around shouting at each other all day long.

    What is really unique about the Kosovo Jackdaw gangs is that they all choose to meet at night and have shouting matches to see which one of them can create the most noise. This ritual in itself is not a problem, however I have noticed that they like to do this right outside my fucking bedroom window at 3am every night.

    Call me a cynic, but I think one of the local jackdaw informants have told them that I'm vegan. Being a vegan I cannot of course shoot them. I have therefore adopted a policy of persuading them to leave the roof. I even tried reading them poetry.

    Jackdaw jackdaw shut the fuck up.

    This had little effect. In fact the following night the Jackdaws were joined at 3am by a mad Kosovo man who serenaded the jackdaws with his flute.

    I have to admit, this was the first time this has ever happened in my life. I had two options; bury my head under the pillow or do something else.

    Today I bought a Barry Manilow album - payback time is soon upon them.