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  • The other night I was walking across the park when we herd gun fire. I think this is the first time I've ever herd close gun fire in my life. Brings home the reality of what many people went through here.

    So, gunfire. It was Swedish soldiers shooting stray dogs in the park that I was walking though. A while ago a stray dog (there are lots of them in this City) had killed and eaten a child. Of course, that is a horrible thing to happen, but we need to understand that it is not entirely the dogs fault. If war had not broken out (which is an entirely human issue) the dog would still probably be living in the farm or house that it came from. It would have been looked after and would not be hungry enough to eat a child, however it was and the child was placed in a situation where a dog can get to it. You could argue that the actual dog that did it should be put down, however I do not agree with the death penalty, therefore it would be two faced of me to regard the same sentence for a dog to be acceptable. On a larger issue, because one dog kills a child it does not make all dogs into murderers, so I object to the shooting of dogs as the lazy mans answer to problems of his own making. They should be caught, neutered and found homes.

    Leaving my view of animal rights to one side I have another issue with this. I'm thinking as a Swedish tax payer here - Is it really necessary to bring a Swedish soldier all the way to Pristina to shoot a dog? I've just walked past a school with no books, down a pavement with a big hole and along a street with no lighting to go back to an apartment with no electricity. Can Sweden not train a local person to tranquilize dogs, capture them and re-habituate them? Would that not free up their time to do something slightly more constructive like fixing the hospital?


    On a lighter note, I have just completed my first re-branding campaign. My goal is to make the Swedish KFOR (Kosovo Force) task force more friendly and customer focused.


    ... and after.