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  • Been an strange couple of days. The cleaner took my flannel. I assume they put it in the bin. They can hardly have taken it. There was a PC and a mobile phone in the same room and my flannel had a hole in it, so it has no street value that I know of.

    Talking of holes, I was walking home the other night with Butrint (one of the students) when I fell into one. It was pitch black (there is still no street lighting here). We were watching two cars who had got their bumpers stuck together. The drivers were playing a strange game of ''tug of war'' to try to untangle their cars. Whilst all this was going on I casually fell into the said hole. Now call me old fashioned, but you kind of get used to the pavement just being there in Stockholm. Anyway, I climbed out just in time to see one of the cars drive away with the bumper on the back seat. To our immense relief I managed to do all this without spilling any of the two beers I was holding. Quite proud of myself really.

    The electricity went off last night just as I got back the apartment. I sat in the dark and cold for two hours which is when the electricity is meant to come back on (four hours of electricity followed by two without in rotation). Half an hour later it dawned on me - Aha, tom, so you're clever, why is the video light blinking with no electricity on then? After much thought and consideration I deduced that in fact half of the fuses had blown and I was left with a couple of working sockets and no lights. I moved the heater around and lit a candle. Kind of homely feeling really.

    One reason to buy a torch.