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  • As the plane touched down I was feeling good. It always feels good to land in Kosovo. You get off the plane and see the friendly faces, take a deep breath of air and wish you had not. The power station is still tipping out fumes into the air. Seeing as it creates hardly any power I think they should name it the cloud making station or CMS (cloud mismanagement system). Clouds 24-7 brought to you by KEK, the Krap Environmental Kompany. It's really called KEK by the way (rough translation is The Kosovo Electric Company).

    I woke up on the first morning and looked forward to a walk across the park to the Institute. I always look forward to meeting these students. They are a great bunch of characters.

    Down the stairs and out. The Sun is out and I feel like I could dance up the street. I turn to face the half built Serb church. It has a big gold cross on the top of the dome which shines in the Sun.

    I turn to look at the Institute, the National library. I always have deep thoughts about buildings like National libraries. The design and the grace or statue of the building does after all some how represent the literal knowledge of the nation.

    I walk towards the car park and to my surprise I can see that someone has dumped a huge pile of shit in the car park. How strange. It can't be KEK because they can't deliver shit.

    I walk closer. It's not shit because its got a strange shape, like a pyramid. There''s a pyramid in Kosovo? No it can't be.

    I walk closer. The sides have steps. What is it?

    I walk closer. Fuck me - someone has dumped a huge stone cake outside the National Library!

    I stand below it looking up through the layers of stone towards the top. The library stands in the Sun behind and I drop my bag. I look up and my jaw drops. This could be the ugliest thing I've ever seen. It's, it's - fuck - It's got water coming out of the top. Oh my god - It's a fucking fountain. Someone has dumped the ugliest cake shaped fountain in the world outside the national library and plumed it in and no one noticed.

    (one week later)

    I walk with a depressed limp down the stairs and out into the day. It's cloudy. No sunny cross today. The park is damp after rain. I feel depressed. It's been six day and it's still there.

    I walk across the car park and oh no. no no no. no. Noooo. I drop down to my knees. Last night someone gave it babies. The fucking fountain has two baby fountains next to it. The father must have been a small mushroom.

    Oh yes. I get it. It's the world biggest fucking mushroom cake and here I stand before it getting stoned on this fountain of knowledge.