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  • Different approach today - my walk to work in pictures.

    There is no light in the hallway outside of the apartment, so getting in can be fun at night.

    Down the stairs. You can see bullet holes in the glass.

    ...and out through the front door. This reminds me of Hulme and Mosside in Manchester in the mid 90's or Brixton in the 80's. People often ask me why I like Stockholm so much. If you'd have lived in a place like that you wouldn't bother asking.

    The path up to the street. There is a huge amount of litter everywhere here. The UN have put out bin's, but people just set fire to them. I've put litter in the bin's a few times now and you do feel as though everyone just laughs at you when you do it.

    A little further up the path. Checkout the blank advertising board. It's about $4 to advertise here. I'm thinking of advertising here - something like "what right has America to declare war on 22 million IRAQ people? Hoot your horn if you think that Bush is an asshole".

    The birds here can read.

    This is just an excellent poster. I need to ask the students who it's from, but I guess it's one of the political parties. Red and Black is the colours of the Kosovo flag.

    The school. No climbing frame, seats, football, basketball hoops, nothing to do. Frankly it really annoys me seeing this when you see the ridiculous amount of money that is waisted here.

    The view from Sunny Hill down to central Pristina. For some reason it looks a long way away on this picture, but you can walk down to the centre in about 15 minutes.

    7-11 Kosovo style.

    The start of the walk down the hill. Check out the Therapy sign. I assume that is for westerners as it's not in Albanian.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to book a wash time here.

    The red building in the background is the bakery. Transport varies a lot here.

    Now I know that you should not take a photo in to the sun, but I wanted to capture this as I know of a few friends that will take particular interest in this. "Women's rights are human rights, 8 March 2003, International woman's day. From the office of gender affairs (UNMIK)".

    A street corner. There is building everywhere, however I see no standards or safety going on. In fact half of these building look like they will fall down if Pristina suffers even a tiny earthquake.