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  • We went to Prizren today, a town to the south east of Pristina. The drive took about 1 hour and 40 minutes and took us towards the mountainous edge of the valley. There are many small towns and villages along the way, all of which are either building or repairing houses to replace those damaged or destroyed in the war.

    Every community you pass has a memorial to KLA, Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK in Albanian) fighters that died. Nearly all of them have engravings of their faces on the memorials which some how brings me closer to them. I found myself wondering who they were, what they did and of course how they fought and died for their beliefs. I think I'm discovering that I have a certain fascination with war and the way it has pushed these people to their limits. I think if Stockholm does not work out for me I would like to return here and make a book of the history behind the fighters on these memorials. Their stories of courage, determination and resilience are, know doubt a lesson us all.

    As we drove back we herd various US politicians talk on the radio about the pending war with IRAQ. I have herd stories of Albanian people being beaten while Swedish soldiers looked on*, of Albanian people being massacred while Dutch soldiers* looked on, of people fleeing while tanks pulled up outside their houses. One thing is common, the majority of people who died or fled here were innocent.

    For those fighters that died here I am only sorry that they cannot be here to rebuild their country and their communities. I am appalled by the way the international community has failed Kosovo. I am disguised to think that this will happen again to the 22 million innocent Iraqis trapped between a dictator and a western power blind to history.

    Anyway, here's the pictures. I promise to tell a funny story tomorrow....

    * They were ''observing'' before NATO entered the war. Bullshit politics basically.

    The main square. We could not go to the church on the hill as it''s a KFOR base.

    The old Mosque.

    A look down through the main street.

    The old church, now a KFOR base so we were not allowed in.

    Up through one of the side streets.

    New and old (human and brick).

    This kid was just dancing up the middle of the street without a care in the world.

    I'll never call London untidy again.

    [left to right] Fitore, one of the students here. She's never been the same since she saw Matrix. Akan, the founder of IPKO and Martin a friend of Akan's over from America.

    7-11 Prizren style.

    Look right of the 2 trees and you'll see 2 KFOR German armoured transporters.

    One of the many monuments to the KLA fighters that died.