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  • We went to Jerusalem's old town; a walled in city centre to pay a brief visit. The city was founded over 3000 years ago. It's walled town centre is divided into four religious areas; Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

    A small tour with panorama view for you:

    and some pictures...

    Looking West with the Mount of Olives (the hill) in the background.

    Looking North West. The dome on the left is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The church occupies the land called Golgotha where Jesus was buried.

    The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer. Built in 1898 making it "modern" in terms of it's surroundings. A church is said to have stood there since the 5th century.

    The Dome of the rock build in AD 688-91. The third holiest site of Islam.

    ... and this very same history makes Jerusalem a hot bed of tension. Whilst i was there a funeral took place with Palestinian flags being waved right next to Israel soldiers and just after I left a suicide bomber was chased through the old town before being caught.