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  • It's Saturday and I'm in Tel Aviv jaffa. It's Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest and taking note, I'm resting and being given a tour of the beach front from the port of Jaffa to the port of Tel Aviv. Some pictures ...

    A Fisherman arranging his nets at the port of Jaffa.

    The old port area is being restored. When I say old I mean it; Jaffa is one of the worlds oldest ports. It's in the bible as the port that Noah's son; Japheth founded in the wake of the great flood.

    This is the view from between Jaffa and Tel Aviv looking South towards Jaffa (note the feeling of "old"... turn around and you experience the opposite...

    Tele Aviv; the financial and cultural centre of Israel.

    The Yarqon river which flows through Tel Aviv.

    Looking at the people walking along the promenade and seeing the fishermen you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the most peaceful place on earth.