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  • I have a new girl in my life. She's about 30ft long, 8ft wide, floats and made of wood - yes, I have a boat. Her name is Pärlan (which is Swedish for "the pearl") and over the next three years you'll be able to follow this blog as I restore her.

    She's moored a stones throw from the city of Stockholm, Sweden on lake Mälaren.

    The plan is for 2008 to strip the inside, replace the electrics, service and clean the engine (a Volvo Penta), fix the fiberglass and paint the top, get her dry inside, fix the batteries in place and add a proper fuel tank. I also want to make a plywood rowing boat for her.

    The fiberglass is temporary. I want her to eventually have teak decking, but the top side can only really be overhauled after the bottom of her is stripped of paint, rotten wood replaced and an epoxy resin applied to the wood. This will make the wooden underside of her look beautiful (seems a shame to have a wooden boat covered in fiberglass and paint)!

    The main point of time spent in 2008 is to get used to her, relax on her over the summer and plan the overhaul of the underside of her that will need to happen in 2009.... as I said, a three year project:)