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  • No Internet for the past three days so this is a bit of a catch up blog entry.

    We motored down from Bequia to Charlestown Bay, Canouan. The bay has starfish all over the seabed. I started the day with trying to take a photo only to discover that my very expensive camera case had utterly failed and drenched the (now dead) camera.... so we are down to two cameras now - shame, but who cares - we're in paradise!

    A quick stopover and we headed south to one of my favourite places on earth - Tobago Cays... a horseshoe reef surrounding several tiny uninhabited islands. We pick up up a mooring right in front of the turtle grass, jumped in an got right down to business - 2 hours of snorkelling whilst watching turtles (Emmy, you'd love this!).

    There are no shops or bars in the Cays, so we sat back and watched the sun set over this beautiful little corner of our world.

    The next day we piled into the dingy and headed for the reef. Imagine swimming in an aquarium full of coral swaying in the current and fish who swim all around you.. lobsters with a backdrop containing every colour under the sun... envious yet?

    After two days of doing as little as possible Micke joined us as S/V Windward Star dropped anchor off our starboard bow. She looks more beautiful everyday!

    After watching sun up we headed for Mayreau and Saltwhistle Bay. Yup, more paradise. The bay has a think white sandy beach splitting the sea and providing the ideal anchorage for us to drop anchor just meters from the beach. Micke took us to Roberts bar where we had great food and fantastic company (thanks Robert!).

    We were joined by Sam, one of the taxi boats. Sam had a little too much strong rum that day. I guess that he has no idea that he met us, but he did want a million dollars for the photo - we have him a beer and he looked like he'd won the lottery.

    Oscar and Nick got up early the next morning and went jogging whilst Patrick and I cracked open a beer and wondered what all that was about.

    We reluctantly left Saltwhistle bay to head to Union Island and Chatham Bay... this place is dive mecka, but i'm not going to tell you why because I want to keep it as a secret. One thing though, I've seen more live coral in one dive that in every other dive put together that I've ever done! It was simply, a drift dive out of this world!

    Chatham bay is deserted apart from a few small bars and trees and cliffs and, erm... well, that's about it to be honest. We went to the beach for sun downers then headed for the bar.

    The next morning was a little busy. We were attempting to leave when a couple who are on a beautiful boat called Annie came over... followed by Jannica (who was on Jo) and Silvia who was on Camille (two of our companies catamarans)... Everyone loved the boat and decided that everyone should have at least one Swedish friend even if they are as white as cream.

    We got away and motored for an hour to the other side of the island and Clifton (the town) where we picked up a mooring and rediscovered the Internet ;)