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  • Wednesday morning and we are going to motor down from St Vincent to Bequia. The day started of with high winds through Blue Lagoon and that means high seas between the islands. Hermione, my 38\' Marine trader is kinda made with cancels and calm lakes in mind. Three meter high waves were not part of the design spec! We headed out and within 30 minutes we had a routing... we zig-zagged the whole way... with Hermione performing perfectly.

    The weather was overcast which was good for the crew.. too much Sun today would have burnt us up seeing as we were out at sea for 2.5 hours (exactly one hour more than it took me to go to St Vincent from Bequia on Monday.

    After we got here I showed Oscar, Nik and Patric Port Elizabeth, then we went for a quick snorkel (saw Eagle ray, moral eel, stone fish amongst others). Now it's out on deck for sun-downers...

    More tomorrow plus pictures.