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  • I woke up to see what I thought was a white submarine on the horizon. Over coffee I was pondering on whether the UN had submarines as the vessel turned towards our port. Bequias Naval defenses consist of a dozen water taxis and a fort with a cannon last fired over a hundred years ago - I knew we were screwed.

    I finished my coffee and was debating whether to hoist a white flag or scupper my boat when she came alongside. Submarine - No... this was the mother of all Gigayachts - named `A`. I wonder how many people have said to the owner `what?`after they have said `A` as their boat name.

    I've been reading up a bit on her and luxuryproperty blog says she's over a million USD to fill the tanks. Never again will I moan about my fuel consumption!

    Designed by Phillie Starck `A` is 118 meters long and cost a cool 150 million Euros to build. I can't help feeling he designed the thing , then got drunk, held the drawings upside down and proceeded to draw windows into the keel.

    One thing I will say for her, when she dropped anchor a small flotilla of yachties got in their dinghies to go and have a closer look - this is a vessel that attracts attention and divides people with opinion.

    What do you think?

    Here are some more pictures from other blogs/videos:luxuryproperty blog - Malta Daily Photo blog - Video - Video - New Luxury items blog (picture proof that you can judge a mans taste by the tie he wears).