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  • The night before the Bequia Easter Regatta Karl; a captain who was in Bequia at the time, asked me if I wanted to help him crew a sail boat called "Carrie" for the "Round Bequia" race the following day. I jumped at the chance. Within a couple of hours we had a motley crew.

    The following morning; 11th April 2009, was race morning and we were packed with enthusiasm for race day! The starting horn went and we had no idea what was going on so we were last off the line, however non of us minded at all - we were racing!

    The Seas were wonderful that day as we tacked back and forth around Bequia head. Out of nowhere a pod of dolphins joined us . They swam so close to the boat that I touched one of them with my toes. The way they played with the boat was thrilling to see.

    We finished the race second to last, but we did not care. We'd raced and we'd won in our minds. We'd been carried through the Seas by dolphins and we didn't need a guy waving a flag to tell us who the victors were!

    We stepped ashore high on adrenalin. Sandra, who works with me, broke the news - my friend, Peter Cox had died in a tragic accident. Peter was swimming with his son off a beach in Ilha Grande, Brazil when a wave swept him under. He did not resurface.

    Peter was one of the big motivational reasons for me to come here. I had wanted to work with him since I first met him way back in 2003. He was a man full of energy, enthusiasm, drive and love for life and family. He was also a director of the company and a very strong force in driving the company forward.

    The first project I did with him was the website. I felt like we were two kids playing - we bounced ideas, words and thoughts around, laughing along the way. It was probably the easiest website I'd ever made.

    After that came the newsletter which again was a pure laugh - I could not really believe I was working with Peter. He listened to my ideas and really considered everything, brought his own to the table and we just bonded around a common set of goals. I learnt a lot from him.

    Peter was a man of many talents, however, the one overriding thing that I will always remember him for was the love he had for his family.

    The seas took a great friend that day. I wonder if those dolphins knew that as they swam alongside.

    I want to thank Kenmore Henville who took the photos above of us racing. Thankfully, for me, he captured a day I'll never forget.