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  • October the 4th 2008 is a big day for my diary! It is the kickoff of the Volvo round the world ocean race. I was very very lucky to have a friend who invited me to see the launch of Ericssons 2008 bid (thanks Kerrin!) and the uncovering of "Ericsson 4"; their newest boat. Oh my God! What an amazing creation. It is designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian and built by Killian Bushe whom built the last (2005/2006) winner; ABN AMRO ONE. Here are some of the pictures:

    I'm going to be watching this race closely. On the 14th June 2008 they get to Gothenberg and the 25th Stockholm so I will definately be here to blog about it then.

    In theory you should be able to find out more about the boat and team at http://www.ericssonracingteam.... except the site is down. If you want to get some insight as too how they are built then there is a fantastic picture gallery at Killians' web site ... Killian started with wooden boats so there is hope for me yet - I wonder if he has any apprentiship places available;)

    The race is at